Singing Bowl Healing

Planet Singing Bowls

Lady lying on healing table surrounded by healing singing bowls at Bellacroft Wellness Centre

The Singing bowls, which is well-known as “Tibet Singing Bowls” is not originated from Tibet.  They have been widely used in China,India, Nepal and some western countries as a media or tool for healing, sound massage, sound therapy and chakra balancing, which are highly-recommended and well-accepted for its effectiveness in releasing anxiety, fickleness, insomnia, worries and different kinds of physical and mental crisis, psychic trauma, emotional imbalance and other sub-health conditions.

With the growing consciousness levels on the non-physical human energy fields (Aura), Chakras and their relation to spiritual and physical well-being, Sound therapy is getting ever more attention by scientists as well as creative new age healers and Singing Bowl therapy has been playing a key role in this development.  A good part of this is due to their mystical components, but very much also to the effective applications of treatments on energy purification and balancing, relaxation and healing.

Sound healing with Planets Singing Bowls

Many have enjoyed the wonderful healing benefits sound healing with Planet Singing Bowls. These include:

• Produces deep and fast relaxation
• Improves sleeping quality
• Increases body circulation and Improves digestion
• Decreases tensions and stress
• Reduces body aches, headaches, migraines and back pain
• Brings up fast energy and produces mental clarity
• Creates a feeling of lightness
• Supports most medical treatments

Ancient Art and Philosophy

Ancient philosophy and religions have always pointed at the stars and mentioned about our intimate but unconscious relationship with the sky.

Planet singing bowls therapy is utilizing ancient knowledge about the inner relatedness of the universe, the stars with earth and man. The results do not only target improved physical conditions. Improved naturalness of an individual caused by improving the union between heavens and the individual can provide for natural emotional and spiritual conditions and affect physical well-being at the same time. It targets the unseen life energy of a person, the Aura and does this with the help of selected frequencies related to rhythms of celestial bodies and is played by Tibetan singing bowls. The selected frequencies are attempting to make a link between man and the stars, to harmonize conditions where the above and below is disturbed in their coexistence.

Planet Singing bowls are carefully selected from Tibet Singing Bowls, measured by sophisticated computer programs and finally used for physical and soul healing.

What to expect …