Kathleen Tysoe

Kathleen Tysoe Senior Practitioner Bellacroft Wellness Centre beside sacred geometry shapes

Kathleen Tysoe has over 35 years’ experience in complementary healthcare and caring for people with special needs. She has worked in Family Welfare, Disability Care, Mental Health and private practice, assisting clients with all aspects of health and wellbeing. Her special interests are structural (bones and muscle) disabilities, cranial sacral and brain wave stimulation for learning disabilities and brain/mental illnesses, and identifying and resolving emotional and spiritual connections to disease to reduce their energetic load. Kathleen has specialised in INDIGO/SCIO/ QXCI Quantum Biofeedback since 2007, and kinesiology since 2008. Her focus is on restoring her clients’ sense of wellbeing and quality of life.

Jenny Ekstrom

Jenny Ekstrom Senior Practitioner Bellacroft Wellness Centre beside gym equipment

Jenny comes from a background in Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Fitness, Personal Training and is fully qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. With over 10 years’ clinical experience she has worked alongside other Allied Health Practitioners such as Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. She has gained enormous insight working with numerous athletes, pre- and post-events as well as patients with more severe clinical ailments.

Jenny has a diverse range of skills from Sports and Remedial Massage as well as Shiatsu, Relaxation and Reflexology. Her passion is working closely with each individual patient, by gaining a full understanding of their health needs. Taking a holistic approach to the treatment plan, Jenny is results driven and treats each patient with the highest level of care.

Health Fund members may be eligible for rebates.

We are also delighted to have Jenny on as our Operations Manager of the Bellacroft Wellness Centre. Jenny prides herself in ensuring the smoothness of the day to day running of the centre.

She has a love for the outdoors and a passion for keeping fit and healthy. Jenny also enjoys Pilates, Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis.

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Rosie Whitehead

Rosie Whitehead practitioner Bellacroft Wellness Centre

Rosie is our qualified Bowen Therapist focusing on balancing and restoring the body to its natural state which promotes healing in a non invasive and holistic manner. With an interest in nature, health and wellbeing, Rosie enjoys yoga, tai chi, meditation and keeping active.

Also with 5 years experience in Relaxation Massage, Rosie can help the body and mind relax and unwind leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and uplifted.

Tanya Ly

Tanya Ly practitioner Bellacroft Wellness Centre

Tanya is our massage therapist with background in yoga, meditation, and traditional body work practices.  

Tanya has always had an interest in holistic health and manual therapy. She has studied Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy, Ayurvedic Bodyworks, Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, has a Diploma in Remedial Message Therapy and is currently an Osteopathic student.

Tanya is passionate about helping others improve their wellbeing, especially through body awareness and mind-body connection.

Tanya enjoys learning new skills and incorporating various techniques in her treatments, including trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique, myofascial cupping, stretching and tension balancing.  

Each appointment will include a short consultation at the beginning and a treatment plan at the end.

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Shirley Liu Ying

Shirley Liu Ying Singing Bowel Senior Therapist Bellacroft Wellness Centre

Shirley Liu Ying completed her practitioner training in the ancient art of Tibetan Singing Bowl healing and was certified on 3 May 2018.

She received her training directly from a German born Nepalese master who travelled to teach students in Beijing, China. Her beautiful metal bowls were each hand made for natural material in Nepal.

Since completing her training she has practiced in both Beijing and on the Gold Coast.

She is a busy mum, managing her professional career with an active life in the community. She incorporates teaching and training as well workshops into her practice.

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Tracy Stephan

Tracy Stephen ancient lomi lomi Senior Therapist Bellacroft Wellness Centre

Tracy’s disciplines in the arts of

. ancient Hawaiian massage

. ancient Ayuveda Massage

. Reiki

. Tarot Readings that:

purify, energize, reset, transcend your mind, body and soul

Tracy has culturally and respectfully been inducted into all of her craft modalities by traditional custodians and tribal shamanic healers of Australia and the Pacific Island Nations.

Tracy’s connection to search the traditional origins of massage and energy work – is a connection to humanity itself.

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Christopher Celsus

Christopher Celsus intuitive quantum energy healer Bellacroft Wellness Centre

Christopher is a quantum energy healer who works with his clients to facilitate the removal of energetic emotional blocks and re-organisation of the subconscious belief system. He has a powerful gift for healing that can assist with mental and physical health issues, addiction resolution, relationship problems, trauma recovery, chronic disease, pain and fatigue. Christopher has a calming and kind demeanour that his clients love, you will leave his sessions feeling lighter, brighter and quite likely positively transformed.

Christopher found the path of the intuitive energy healer by chance, or perhaps fate. After extensive training as a yoga and meditation teacher he naturally developed a gift for taking people into deep trance states to facilitate rapid healing. In these states Chris is able to work on releasing the energetic blocks and upgrading the limiting subconscious beliefs that have been holding his patients back. By doing so it is possible to free them of the negative internal dialogue that often holds us captive in a state of dis-ease.

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