What to expect

What to Expect

Preparing for your visit

On your first visit, please arrive a little earlier for your appointment. We need to complete the necessary forms and permissions while you are in the waiting room.

If you wish, we can send the forms to you, giving you time to fill them out before your arrival. You may choose to also bring copies of your medical information on your first visit.

We will review your essential medical history and discuss with you how you would like to proceed.

Importantly massage and the many forms of subtle energy healing provided by our Centre are heavily impacted by the drugs you have taken the the recent few hours. We ask that before you visit allow a good deal of time for social and medicinal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances to be flushed from your system. As a minimum 4 hours is recommended.

You will enjoy better results as you are able to do this. Additionally, drinks lots of water and be well hydrated before your visit.

We ask you to wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes for your visit. Also with your permission, we may need to touch your face and head. So be prepared for your makeup and your hair to be effected.

Our booking system will send you a reminder text one day before your visit. This will allow you to confirm your appointment or update your arrival time.

What happens in the consulting rooms?

You will be invited into a private consulting room. If you need assistance with your mobility device or with your service animal, please ask at reception. Your practitioner is always ready to assist. This is probably the best time to turn off your mobile phone.

Your practitioner will discuss with you your medical history and listen to your concerns. They will outline what they plan to do and ask your permission to proceed.

You are welcome to remove your shoes or your jacket, but all other clothing may remains on if you choose. Many people on the other hand remove some of their clothing, especially if oils are used for their massage. You may be invited to recline on the treatment table or you can remain standing or seated if that suits.

Our tables are electricaly operated and provide a very safe and comfortable way for you to hop on and off whilst allowing the practitioner to work safety at a convenient height.

Our practitioners can provide extra intuitive support during your visit. This guides them to specific parts of your body and is a very efficient and effective way of getting to the root causes of many traumas reflected in your body. It is a gentle process and is commenced only when you feel ready to do that work.

If you have any concerns at all, please mention them. We want to make sure you are comfortable and can adjust the temperature, the music, the lights , your blanket and your towel at any time. Please feel free to mention it.

At any time, and especially on departure, you are welcome to ask for water which will be bought to you by your practitioner. And don’t worry, toilets are within a few paces of our front door for your convenience.

On completion of your session, the linen on the table is refreshed, the room is sanitized and is re-balanced to remove residential impacts from your visit.

Do you have EFTPOS?

Yes, you can pay by EFTPOS or in cash. You can choose to also pay when you make you booking. It is possible for you to pay for part or all of your service on line before you arrive.

We also allow you to pay ahead as credit for several services if you have regular visits.

We also have great gift vouchers for your friends or loved ones.

Bellacroft Volunteer Program


Sure. Get in touch and we will go over our great volunteer program.