Environmental Testing

Meeting the standard

Both telecommunications carriers and broadcasting stations are required to adhere to Australian standards of EME. They have high power transmitters that emit powerful electromagnetic signals. They carry out extensive testing using specialized companies who offer radiation testing with calibrated equipment.

The EME standards in Australia refer to basic heating of human cells. The energy of the transmitter is considered safe when the signals are many times lower than the the cellular heating level in humans. No account is taken into account the impact of cellular heating on animals.

Exceeding the standard

Many feel the standard is insufficient because the rate of DNA methylation in the human body, which is also impacted by EME, is not considered. This can result in changes to the DNA, and in cellular reproduction.

We can track down sources of electromagnetic energy radiating from any electronic and technical equipment, both inside and outside your home.

We will show you the readings as we work. And we have ways to reduce or eliminate EME from your home.

Which tests do we carry out?

Our wide range of tests include:

  • Electromagnetic Frequencies – medium, high, very high, ultra high and super high E-fields
  • Stationary Magnetic and both permanent and transient Electromagnetic Frequencies B-fields
  • Wifi and Mobile phone signals
  • Dirty electricity
  • Radiation form computers and television sets

What can be done if we find something unusual?

We have many years experience and are able to work with you to firstly identify the cause and then offer a potential solutions. We have ways to mitigate, eliminate, reduce or control a contaminate in your home or business.